• An experienced, easy to work with bass player.
  • 30+ years experience in live music and studio work.
  • Great gear including own reliable transport.
  • Good performer, outgoing: likes to dance onstage.
  • Covers plenty of styles/genres with gear to suit.


Starting out back in Scotland in 1987 on a sparkly white Hohner Arbor (which admittedly could do a good Musicman impression), Andy wired up a 10W guitar practice amp to a Hifi speaker, put it in the corner of the room, and was hooked on the low end.

After progressing through Metal and Rock, developing 2-handed comping skills for 3 and 4 piece guitar bands and a liking for Rush, Andy landed on Planet Funk, managing and writing out brass parts for the Apostles of Funk, back in the early 90s.

After moving south to England, genres flowed with projects and bands – folk, folk/rock, trap soul, electronica, jazz, alt rock and a lot of funk and jazz-funk.

Andy is a veteran of hundreds of often riotous open mic nights with extensive covers repertoire which sees him using many different basses. He is a current member of several bands and projects, including function bands playing music from anywhere in the last 60 years, Andy loves playing live and can bring a huge range of bass sounds to any gig or project.

Andy is currently involved in new music projects, function bands, successful touring tribute acts and his own full-sized classic funk band, Housequake.


Perth Music College NC Popular Music, Part-time course Guildford ACM. Lifetime member of Scott’s Bass Lessons.


Genres: Funk, Soul, Rock, Prog Rock, Metal, RnB, Trap Soul, Hip-Hop, Folk, Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Funk-Rock
Techniques: Fingerstyle / Pick, Slap, 2-handed tapping (particularly for comping)