• An experienced, easy to work with bass player.
  • 30+ years experience in live music and studio work.
  • Great gear including own reliable transport.
  • Good performer, outgoing: likes to dance onstage.
  • Covers plenty of styles/genres with gear to suit.

Then, and Now

I’ve played hundreds and hundreds of gigs, and playing live is my absolute favourite thing to do. Nothing beats the rush of those shared moments with other musicians, and the crowd, the one-off inspirations and the huge smiles. I’ve recorded in professional studios, and have great gear at home for remote recording (Mac / Logic / Focusrite interfaces). I’ve got basses to cover every tone, fretted, fretless, and electric upright, even synth. To cover live bass, I have small, medium and large bass rigs, and I’m used to playing with in-ears.

Get in touch if you want to collaborate on a project, or if you need a dep – standard function gig songs are locked in.


Amanda Andjelkovic – Event organiser and musician, Amanda’s Music Events

I have had the pleasure of working with Andy on many occasions. He is the ultimate professional. Easy-going. Happily will learn any material required. He is trustworthy and reliable and therefore I have had no hesitation in employing him as a Dep bass player for my function band. The energy he brings to his performance has a ripple effect which lifts the entire band and wows the audience. His ability to read the mood and the music as it is happening is quite spectacular, bringing the rhythm section to a whole new level. And he does all this with a million watt smile. He is one of the most passionate musicians you will ever meet.

Rachel Redman, Vocalist / Frontperson, Haystacks Band

Andy depped on Bass for The Haystacks Band, and also provided BVs and some stage lighting. Played absolutely brilliantly – a really good musician and overall nice and helpful guy! Was prompt and prepared for the gig. Highly recommend Andy to anyone needing a bassist.

Nick Harradence, Appaloosa

Andy depped for us, clicked quickly in 2 rehearsals (which were great fun!) and aced both gigs!

James Massiah, Keyboard player, Soul Searchers

Andy Watt is one of the best bass players that I have played with. I love working with Andy!


Perth Music College NC Popular Music, Part-time course Guildford ACM. Lifetime member of Scott’s Bass Lessons.


Genres: Funk, Soul, Rock, Prog Rock, Metal, RnB, Trap Soul, Hip-Hop, Folk, Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Funk-Rock.
Techniques: Fingerstyle / Pick, Slap (Flea to Les Claypool to Marcus Miller), 2-handed tap.